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Things to do in Rome

One of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in the world, Rome is abuzz with activity throughout the year and with the fantastic savings to be made by staying at the Aurelius Art Gallery Smart Hotel you can really go to town - literally!

Campo de' Fiori and Testaccio

While in Italy you’ll no doubt be dying to try some of the world famous cuisine, but to avoid disappointment we’d recommend you stay off the beaten track - another wonderful advantage of the Aurelius Art Gallery Smart Hotel’ great Location outside the historical centre! For nightlife, Campo de’ Fiori is a hotspot while those looking for a club scene will find more joy in Testaccio (near Piramide on the blue line).

When you’ve worn yourselves out from all of the above, try a relaxing day in Rome’s beautiful park, Villa Borghese, an excellent picnic spot where you can also go horse-riding, rowing, visit the Borghese Gallery or even go in a hot air balloon - weather permitting!

Lido di Ostia

The coast of Rome is only an hour out of town too, with Lido di Ostia easily accessible by train from Piramide. Ostia is also a vibrant hang out spot in the summer evenings, be careful not to miss the last train back to Rome though!

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Sightseeing is usually at the top of the agenda for most visitors to Rome and with such spectacles as St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, the Vittoriano and the Trevi Fountain its no surprise - take a look at our Useful Links page for tours in English.


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